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We Provide sourcing solutions for OBSOLETE\EOL\HARD TO FIND\MIL parts for you, and even provide equivalent matches to fit your every need.

Printed Circuit Boards (PCB)

• Double sided
• Multilayer
• Marketing of Printed Circuit Board
For Communication, Medical, Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace, Military and Consumer sector

Hybrid Distribution
We deliver components both when it is very urgent as well as on forecast and scheduled orders when that is needed.
We are working in a Hybrid manner: traditional product distribution, handling shortage, excess inventory
and BOM.

B.O.M Handling
We handle & deliver complete Bill of Materials. We offer::
• Aggressive pricing from authorized sources.
• Cost savings and/or equivalents parts.
• Identify and monitor excising and future EOL (End of Life) components.
• Our customers stock/needs can be visible to each other


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