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Services & SpecialitIes

1. Your #1 Supplier for OBSOLETE\EOL\Hard to find Parts.
2. Supply Chain Solutions.
3. Sourcing (Every Part\Component that you need please contact us).
4. Cost Reduction Services.
5. Total BOM Management (Kitting).
6. PCB Production Services.
7. Our Company covers Europe\U.S.A and ASIA.
8. we provide: Purchasing and Design\Production Solutions and advise production locations.
9. Approved supplier for security department of Israel.
10. 2BP Works with all the major distributors and OEM's and also Design houses.
11. We also represent DEAD-STOCKS\Left overs due to forecast change and other production changes that leave you with dead inventory, we take care of it and sell the inventory for you. 

2BePresent Israel

2BePresent offer A-Z solution service center, seeds through NPI, and to production
Customers looking for production solution at any level, should use 2BePresent as a whole structure which will help from the purchasing area (BOM), provide the correct OEM, and provide the product in full.
2BePresent Israel works with 20+ CEM/FTK Manufacturers in China, East Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Cypruss and can provide an official EU Certified MFG Standarts.
2BePresent is also a registed supplier for the defence department of Israel.



2BePresent Romania

2BePresent Romania and Bulgaria is focusing on PCB productions/projects, and representing Fineline PCB .

Don't hesitate to contact us at any time.
You have to Be There 2BePresent Ltd


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